Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blogger Meet-Up - SMCSeattle

In the world of blogging this is very old news... but last week I had the opportunity to pick up two lovely bloggers and drive over to Seattle for a blogger/brand gathering.

Of course my car had an issue before we left (kinda needs oil to run!) so we were late getting there.  Which meant that while we didn't miss the panel we did miss most of the social hour.  What's a blogger gathering without a social hour?  Darn.

The panel itself was about how to market TO moms not AT them.  For me, as a mom/blogger, a lot of the information was not new, nor did I disagree with it!  But I did learn a few things for myself and perhaps most important, that I just have to keep being who I am and not compare myself with anyone else.

Gee, a life lesson found in blogging!

Highlights of the night were of course meeting some cool bloggers that I've known of for awhile and then some new ones as well.

What the panelists had to say:
  • "Loyalty will be so much bigger than numbers" ~Mrs. Flinger
  • Put your community first and just be yourself! ~ JenniHogan 
  • "Be in the space (social media) and build relationships first" ~ JylmomIF 
    • "Use social media for more than marketing (customer service, focus groups)" ~ CarolSchiller
    • "Talking is a two way street, talk with not to us. Neither of us has all the answers. Be creative, have fun, and expect the unexpected!" ~  Stephanie
    Our lovely hostess was ThinkMaya who should have been on the panel herself!
      We did get a little more schmoozing time at the end, but it was almost 9pm and we had a 3 hour drive home.

      What do you think of the relationship between brands and bloggers?  Do you have one?  Do you care?

      For other reviews of the evening you can check the recap and pictures.  I'm in one picture, can you find me?

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