Friday, June 17, 2011


Home is people and memories and feeling comfortable in your own skin.  It's familiarity and history and (usually) knowing what to expect.

Me - 4 months (1980)

Home is in Oregon and Washington, but also in Wyoming and Costa Rica.  Home is places I've never been because I have friends who live there that are home.

2 years - 1982

Home is relaxing and comforting.  Staying up too late and never getting through all the things you want to in one day.

1984 - where I think Noah looks like my brother
(maybe it's just the hair!)

Home is the scents and sounds and textures from times gone by that all come rushing back in a moment when you didn't even realize they were missing or you'd forgotten them.

Home is where the people are.

1988 - Where I think Cory looks like my brother
We are definitely in the 80's style here... yikes!

This week I've been going through things at my parent's house for a garage sale and general clean up and came across an old photo album. It was a collection of portraits that had been sent to my grandparents over the years and we got back after they passed away.

This is a post prompt from The Gypsy Mama. Join in?


  1. I love your thoughts and your pictures. Beautiful.

  2. Those are such great photos! I don't think I could even find my childhood pictures.

  3. Your hair is so dark now, I had no idea you were a blond! Great pictures and thoughts!


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