Monday, June 06, 2011


I'm not sure if taking a break from blogging leaves me with more to talk about or less.  Tonight it seems like less.

My arm is still bothering me so I'm mostly left-mousing it and doing other things.

It's the end of school year craziness and even though my boys aren't in school yet it still feels crazy.  Summer plans to be made and finalized.  Things to wrap up in other activities.  Yards and gardens to be worked on (if it would ever quit raining on days when we want to work!).

We did manage to figure out how to turn up the water pressure in our lines so we can at least water the yard now!  And by "we" I mean Brian and the neighbor.

We have some friends going through really hard times and it's weighing on us.  Maybe that's why I don't feel much like writing because it's not something I am free to write about.

Noah's talking more and more every day and simply being adorable... when he isn't grabbing things off the kitchen counters (like knives!!!) he's mauling his brother.  Poor Cory doesn't quite know how to respond and usually it's too rough and then there are tears all around.  This might be one of the tougher stages of learning how to have a little brother when they're 3 years apart and he's twice as big.

Girls night out on Friday, last minute, for my friend Kelly's birthday*.  Mexican for dinner and late because they all hit a deer on the way down.  Talking about everything and nothing and realizing that I feel different and can't talk with them as well since I have a husband and kids and they are all still single.

I never thought it would be so hard to stay friends with people in different stages of life.  I also feel like while I'm presenting reality to them I'm afraid I'm scaring them off from ever wanting to get married.  I can't be as candid with them as I can with my other friends who are married with kids.  Things to ponder...

*We are friends from high school and that link will take you to a trip we went on for our collective 30th birthday 2 years ago.

And finally this morning thinking and really thinking again about the cross.  It's not Easter, but we're doing a chronological study of Mark and this week we finally got to the crucifixion.  The fact that Christ took all of the wrath of God for our sins.  Not only to show us that he loved us, but because it was required.  And because of this we are forgiven.  Our sin debt is paid.  We do not have to do anything other than accept it and be free.  So why then is it still so hard to forgive myself?

Deep thoughts for a Monday.  And I thought I had nothing to say...

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  1. It is hard to connect with friends when you have little ones running around. For a while when I had babies I felt like I had no ability to relate to my single friends. All I could think about were my mom responsibilitys and the daily craziness that is mother hood. Now that the kids are older I find life to be a bit more sane. Stepping out with girlfriends is easier and although sometimes I find myself being too honest about what its like to be a mom I think everyone is kind of use to me now. ;) Hang in there girl.


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