Monday, June 20, 2011

Nana's Little Helper

Did I mention we had a garage sale at my parent's house?  Oh yeah, I did.  So we spent the better part of 3 days up there going through old things, but after it was all done the best part was the grandkids.  Right mom? =)

So here's Noah helping my mom move the washed clothes to the dryer.

He's very serious about this job!

Getting his whole body into it!

I'm doing a good job Mama!
(he was going back and forth, back and forth, he did the whole load!)

And when you clap for me I clap too!

I'm a big helper!

Did we get them all?

Good job Noah!  All done!

He will now clap for anything when he thinks he's done a good job.  I brought home some groceries and Brian put most of them away and then there was a new box of wipes packages open on the floor.  So he was carefully taking one out and taking them over by the fridge, dropping them on the floor, clapping for himself and going to get another one.  We were cracking up because he was "helping".

Oh, and earlier while we weren't watching Noah carefully enough my dad went out in the dining room and found him DANCING on TOP of the table!  There is this bear that sings and dances while you push it's paw and he climbed up to get to it and dance along.



  1. Awww, look at that cutie little helper! So happy to see Noah all grown up and smiling so much!

  2. He does look quite satisfied! =) My boys think this job is rather fun as well. Not sure what it is. Big machine?! =) At any rate, cute pictures!


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