Thursday, June 30, 2011

Off to Baltimore!

In case you've wondered why the blog was so silent this week...we've been living out of our suitcases!

We took off last week Tuesday, very early in the morning, for the airport.  We have a 3 hour drive before we even really get started traveling and sadly it was too early for Noah, who threw up a little of his breakfast on a windy part of the road.  I really hope this isn't a pattern for the future!

Burning off some energy in the really cool playroom in the Seattle airport before boarding for our 9 1/2 hour flight...

It was like a mini soft plasticized airport scene...

Our flight took us from Seattle to Reno to Vegas to Baltimore, but we did have some really nice scenery along the way and the boys loved looking out the window.

Mt. St. Helens

I don't do pictures, Mom.

Highlight of the trip for Cory... while we were in Vegas waiting for the passengers to board the cockpit door was open and I took Cory to say hi.  The pilot invited him in and let him check out how the steering column worked.

Noah loved looking out the windows and watching the other planes.  He did fine with everything (other than being fussy for being confined for so long!), but Cory was a little scared by the takeoffs, especially the first time.  After 3 on each leg of the trip though, he was mostly a pro.

Flying over the Grand Canyon!
And really, I looked about 20 minutes later and we were still flying over it. So huge!

We arrived in Baltimore at 1am and after getting the rental car and driving into the city it was 3am by the time we went to bed.  A very long day, but not too bad otherwise!

Next, fun times with family!

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  1. I love airports w/ play areas. So smart. In fact, I wish every airport had one. :)


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