Thursday, June 02, 2011

Repetitive Use Injury?

So, I've been a little MIA this week.  Because about a week ago my right arm started hurting.  I can't figure out anything specific that I did to it other than just normal use of the computer.  It's slightly numb, a little bit tingly, and achy from the elbow all the way down.  So I've basically tried to severely limit my computer use, but I still have to feed my family and take care of the house and 2 small boys.  Not a whole lot of total rest going on!

It feels like it's getting slowly slowly slightly better and I need to ice it, but super frustrating!  If you have any thoughts, suggestions, and prayers that would be lovely!

And now for the "rest of the story" about the cedar chest from yesterday...

These are some pictures of the chest I took last fall... not exactly new!

The chest was a wedding present to my grandmother from my grandfather.  It's over 70 years old.  My parents took it and had it refinished and completely surprised me with it!


  1. Well, it's BEAUTIFUL! =)

  2. Congratulations! How amazing to have a legacy in your home!


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