Tuesday, July 19, 2011

16 Months

It's really hard to believe that Noah is "only" 16 months old as he is a completely independent and very confident little boy.

He loves to climb everything.  Definitely taking after Uncle Kevin.  Also wants to do everything that big brother does... even though he's 3 years younger!

He climbs and has very little fear.  Today he climbed a ladder at the park to above my head height (yes, I was standing right there).  Although the other day he climbed up on a stool at my parents that wasn't near anything and then started crying because he didn't know how to get down.  That's the next thing to figure out!

He's a big eater although sometimes for whatever reason he will decide he doesn't want to eat the food you've put in front of him, even if it's something he's eaten easily a dozen times before.  Then no amount of coaxing will get him to eat it.  But he will probably eat it again the next day.  Random!

He has all his molars in now and 2 out of 4 eye teeth.  I'm thinking the other 2 should be coming soon as he's back to his hands in his mouth and drooling.  He's also fallen asleep at the table three times in the past couple of weeks.  Poor kid, he must be growing again!

I call him my Noah Monster because he's very wild.  He loves to run and "bam" into you and give hugs.  He can and will take down his older brother.  Here he's "taking down" his Nana.

And he's not a little kid either... wearing more 24 month clothes than 18 month clothes now.  He's slightly over 32 inches and almost 28 pounds.

All words in Noah language start with an M (Mama, more) or a B (book, balloon, ball, bath, brother, birdie, even peek-a-boo).  He does also say Dada, Nana, and Papa too.

We haven't learned too many new signs, but he's very good at asking "please" for anything he wants.  Especially when he's begging!

Noah is very affectionate (if you call bamming you affectionate!) and loves to snuggle.  He particularly loves this bunny!

But it was very hard to get him to hold still long enough to even get one not fuzzy picture!

 My little ham!

Many times he will do something he thinks is funny and then look to see if you are watching.  He loves to dance any time he hears music and then will look to see if we're watching him!

Noah is also a big helper... although sometimes it's not exactly the "help" we want!  He's figured out how handles work and so anytime he finds one he tries to use it (Wii remote strap, grocery bags, my purse).  Here he's trying to pack my scrapbooking bag around.  I don't think that will work as it probably weighs more than he does!
The best part about the helping is that when he does something he thinks is awesome he will then clap for himself. It just cracks me up every time!

I love my Noah boy, he's not a baby anymore!

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  1. Anonymous9:49 PM

    He is so big next to his bunny now! What a sweetheart!


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