Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Delaware: Atlantic Ocean

On Thursday we were actually ready to go somewhere so we headed out in two cars for the Atlantic Ocean.  We thought we had a beach destination, but between two different drivers and two different navigators we went on a wild goose chase and ended up at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware... an hour later than we'd hoped.

Here we are in the boat of a rental car, somewhere in Delaware.

This was Noah's first real experience with the beach, sand, the ocean, etc. and he loved it!

He sat down in the sand and sifted it through his hands while we were getting things all organized.

Of course we'd just put sunscreen on him so then it all stuck to him...

So let's go check out the water!

Noah was laughing and shrieking when the waves came in over his feet.  Cory was jumping over them as they came.

We adults did actually go out into the water past the crests to ride the waves.  It was perfect beach weather!  We saw some dolphins not too far out too!

My mother in law got tumbled really hard by one wave and ended up with lots of pebbles inside her swimsuit.  She even had a whole handful come out in the shower at home many hours later!

Dinner along the boardwalk back in town at a funny little place called Gus and Gus Chicken.  They actually had Greek food too which we all ordered and it was VERY good.

Then we took another wild goose chase home and ended up going all the way around the top of the Chesapeake Bay to get back to Baltimore.  So we got to see most of the state of Delaware and some really amazing sunsets on the way home.  Only part I didn't like was all the stinkin' tolls!

Next up, the really cool Port Discovery in Baltimore.

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