Friday, July 01, 2011

Baltimore: Inner Harbor

On Wednesday we mostly laid low due to the whole arriving-at-3am thing. You wouldn't think that traveling from the west coast to the east coast would take 18 hours by plane (not even including the time change), but when you're 3 hours drive from the airport already and then flying the cheap routes...

Cory went with Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, and Auntie Allison to the art museum that was just up the street.  Someone has fun pictures of him doing all kinds of things there and he really enjoyed using the personal narration system, figuring out the numbers all by himself and then listening to the descriptions.

I got to stay back and snuggle Noah who wouldn't sleep unless he was touching me.  I can't complain too much, soon enough he won't need me like that!

The sugar factory across the harbor

After Uncle Joel got home and we had dinner we went down to the Inner Harbor to walk around.  I thought I was going to die from the humidity, but this was the worst day of the trip.  Either it really was bad or I just got used to it.

We had yummy gelato at Pitango (yum!) and then walked around some.  This is the only one of my "artsy" photos that actually turned out.

Tide Laundry Soap building

We ended up back near the harbor right at sunset and the colors were AMAZING!  I held the group up with my need to walk to the end of a pier for unobstructed photographs.

Sugar factory

And then I turned around and actually saw the sunset.  A lovely ending to a restful day!

The next day we went on a wild goose chase to the Atlantic Ocean. And brought home random souvenirs.

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