Friday, July 08, 2011

Baltimore: Port Discovery

Back before we even left for Baltimore I started checking out some places that the boys would enjoy and top on my list was Port Discovery.  I didn't really know much about it, but it came highly recommended.  As in, Top Five Children's Museums in the nation.

Play store

We got a very slow start (blame it on the time change!) and didn't get there until noon.  Which meant the water room had been just closed for the day.  But we didn't even miss it there were so many other things to do (and maybe I'm just as glad I didn't have wet children? they do provide rain coats, but I have boys).

There is no messing around with this museum, it's three stories of touch-anything-you-want goodness.  I was very impressed that there were plenty of things for both my one and four year old to do.  Good thing we had multiple adults though because they wanted to do different things most of the time!

A very well loved Beetle

Cory wasn't so sure about the giant 4 story play structure in the middle.  I attempted to climb it with him and almost got stuck!  Also of note, they require close toed shoes so don't be caught without them!

My child is in a not-smiling-for-the-camera stage

There were plenty of learning activities made fun.  Here he's racing Grandma to match the shapes correctly and make the most "gadgets".  Could be an interesting discussion about assembly lines too!

The train, for my train loving boy!  And I actually didn't mind the whistle (that got blown a few multiple times continuously!) as it's a very mellow sound.

This exhibit talked about how water gets filtered and purified depending on where it's from.  You were supposed to make the little round cogs travel a path to be clean, but we had fun just seeing how far we could make them go.

We had to leave after only about 2 hours to take Grandma and Grandpa to the airport, but on the second floor (which we finally made it to) we discovered this awesome Tot Trails room.  It's new from what I gather, but so perfect.  I wish we'd taken Noah there first, he would have spent the whole time there.

Not that he didn't have fun doing the other things, but check out this cool magic floor!  I think there was a motion sensor and the image being projected from the ceiling, but when you walked on it the image moved and rippled like water.

There were a few different pictures it cycled through, but he was mesmerized (as was I!).

There were lots of other things in this room for him, but this was all we had time for.

All in all, if you're visiting Baltimore or live near there and have never checked this place out, go, what are you waiting for!  And on those hot humid days of summer (or cold winter ones) this is three floors of space your kid can run and get all his energy out!  Plus, lots of clean bathrooms, on every floor, bonus!

Port Discovery gave us complimentary passes for the adults in our party.  However, I planned for us to visit this museum anyway and ALL opinions are my own!  I recommend scouting the map before you go (unlike us!) and checking for special events!

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  1. What a great place to take the kids. I thought they were in a real store in that first photo!


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