Sunday, August 19, 2012

Five Months Old

My baby girls are soooo interactive now!

This is their standard "taking pictures" face since they still don't quite know what a camera is...

But put Daddy beside me talking to them and they get very smiley!

At five months there are quite a few milestones to report!  They both learned how to roll over from back to tummy, sometimes back, but sometimes they just get frustrated.

Hope sucks her thumb and Joy her two middle fingers.  They've both found their toes now, but more especially Joy.

They are growing girls, I don't know if the 6 month clothes will quite make it to the 6 month mark before we have to get out the next size!  They each weigh at least 15 pounds according to my bathroom scale, but we won't get an official weight for another month.

And it finally seems our nursing issues are behind us, hallelujah!  We also started feeding them a bit of baby food last week and they seem to like it.  (pictures to come)  Of course they make a giant mess, but they aren't refusing it.  And they sure make noise when you stop feeding one to feed the other!

Hey look, we're also getting some stomach muscles!  Doing baby situps in the bouncers, reaching for, and holding onto the toys that hang in front of them.

So much bigger than the bunny now!

PS. We're home now so hopefully I'll have time to tell lots of stories this week!  As long as my back lets me sit for a few minutes...

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  1. they are so precious! I love the pose with the bunny. Enjoy!


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