Monday, August 20, 2012

Oregon Adventures

We have our house mostly back in order after 3 weeks in Oregon...

It's only 7 hours driving time, but with 4 small children it routinely takes us 12 hours to get there.  Here are sisters hanging out with Grandpa just after we got there.  Bed time!

We had lots of fun playing with Grandma and Grandpa for almost three weeks!

Noah was swimming all over Grandpa's pool with the noodles.  That kid has no fear...

The boys and Daddy and Grandpa went to various parks in the mornings.  This one's for Uncle Kevin!

Hope on the garden bench

Mommy and the girls mostly hung out with Grandma at home although we went shopping a couple times.

Joy discovered her hands

Somehow Grandma's sinks are perfect for taking baths in!  Both the one downstairs and the laundry sink!

At the end of the first week it really warmed up and we were headed out to the coast to meet Grandma after a memorial service.  What should have taken us about an hour and a half would have taken closer to four hours... apparently all the people from Portland decided to go to the coast too because it was so hot.  So after 2 hours in the car we turned around, stopped at Burgerville, and found that this little park had a fountain to play in.  For three hours of driving we ended up having dinner half an hour from home and then going home.  Oh well, it was an adventure!

Thus ended the first week.  I'll attempt to fit the rest of my pictures into two more posts.

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