Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oregon Adventures: Week 2

After being at Grandma and Grandpa's for a week we'd nicely settled in and decided impromptu to go have dinner by the falls we went to last year.  We even managed not to fight about how late we went... although this year I would have preferred to go much earlier because I got ATE UP by the mosquitoes.  Ugh.

But the light was gorgeous!

Last year Cory fell into a really deep hole and Grandpa had to fish him out.  This year it was Noah's turn...

Grandpa is demonstrating the depth of the hole with his leg.  Cory's hole was almost as deep as that stick in the other post.

I think perhaps Grandpa had the most fun here...

We each carried one of the girls so it was a bit harder for us to help the boys.  And keeping a 2 1/2 year old from slipping on the mossy rocks... well, he come home with a big goose egg, but didn't seem much the worse for wear!

The water is fairly cold... and Cory wasn't convinced to lay down like Grandpa!

Brian and Joy

Later that week we made the trek up to visit Great Grandpa and Norma.  They always have yummy food (and are so good with gluten free options in their dining hall!)  They got the boys some cool John Deere tractors and some clothes for the girls that are the perfect size.

After lunch the girls and Grandpa needed a nap and I knew the boys wouldn't sleep... so instead of a rest we took a hike.  We were looking for blackberries down in the canyon, but there were none so we took a walk around campus.  Cory couldn't quite believe that this was where Mommy and Daddy met and went to school!

They were tired boys on the way home that night!

The next day we had friends over for dinner and a pool party.

The guys got pool duty and all the bigger kids loved playing on the ropes!

We'll add two more to this picture in a couple years...

Cory and Troy are close in age (he's on the far right) and Noah and Carly (hot pink) are only a few months apart.  Lindsey just liked playing with the babies when we went to their house later.

And in case you haven't noticed a theme with all the water... it got HOT in Oregon while we were there.

So when your house doesn't have AC (although thank goodness for sleeping in the basement!) you find all the water you can, including the fun fountain downtown!

There were lots of kids there at first, but then they all left and the boys pretty much had the place to themselves!

We tried eating at a Mongolian Grill just across the street afterwards, but they weren't very knowledgeable about gluten allergies so we were pretty limited.  I guess I'm spoiled by our local place up here, this place didn't even compare!

And so ended the second week...

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  1. Looks like you had a great time. Fun pictures too!


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