Monday, August 27, 2012

Oregon Adventures: Week 3

Our last week at Grandma and Grandpa's house started with sisters getting some baby food for the first time.  They weren't quite sure what to do with it, but they did at least eat it and not reject it!

After dinner Grandpa had them both giggling like crazy!

Proud Grandma and Grandpa... only missing one grandkid - cousin William that we haven't met yet!

On Monday we headed out to the beach for a couple of days.  To the family cabin where we spent our honeymoon and our 5th anniversary with Noah in tow.  This time we took all the kids hoping for some fun playing on the beach.  However... it was so cold and windy that unless you looked like this:

you were going to be cold.  And Daddy forgot to grab any long pants or a jacket of any sort!

What's going to the beach without writing your name in the sand?

I had fun taking pictures of the water... from inside the cabin!  Yes, we are so spoiled with our view!

Sisters don't get to interact much unless you are holding both of them.  But they have definitely started to look at each other and talk.  It's super cute!

Looks are deceiving... even though it was nice and sunny the wind was blowing mist and it was COLD!  See the haze over the water?  That's clouds that were moving just off shore.

The cabin we stay in is called the Alvidor and it's quite unique.  It's 2 hexagons stuck together on one side to make something like a figure 8 shape.  One side has this huge fireplace in the middle with the kitchen around behind (it's tiny!) and the rest of the room is open for the living area.  The other hexagon is 3 bedrooms and a bath, with all the walls at funky angles.  It's really fun and cozy though!

Family at the beach!

When we got home we just had one more day to pack up and of course swim in the pool one more time...

Noodle races!

That night we went out to dinner at a totally gluten free restaurant.  It was so awesome to just be able to order WHATEVER we wanted without even thinking about it!  And it was good too!  I'll have to tell you more about it in another post.  I tweaked my back while swinging on the ropes in the pool so I was in a lot of pain and hadn't brought my camera for dinner.  Oops!

Friday morning after a stop at the outlet mall for new shoes for both boys and some school clothes for Brian we headed home... It takes us 7 hours of driving time, but more like 12 hours total to make the trip.

Waiting for Daddy to get coffee I got this most awesome shot of my oldest...

Oh, and did I mention it was hot???

This was at the rest area just north of Selah with Mt. Rainier in the sunset.  This rest area has a sign posted to watch out for rattlesnakes so I always tell the boys to only stay on the sidewalk or in the parking lot (there aren't a lot of cars here).  Tonight after we were done and getting ready to drive back on the freeway all of a sudden there was a rattlesnake right in the middle of the road.  So we backed up and pulled up beside it so the boys could see it.  We had the side window rolled down and used Cory's flashlight to shine on it.  It didn't like the light so started moving away and Cory was pretty freaked out even though we were still in the car.  I guess a good reinforcement for my warning even though they were really good about staying on the concrete.

And finally... home!

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