Friday, August 03, 2012


I am here in Oregon.  Here with my in-laws and my traveling circus for a family.  I'm here with cranky boys who go to sleep too late and screaming babies who always want to be held.

I'm here with grandparents who are planning special things to do with the boys and making eyes at the girls.

I am here watching them all make memories together and recording it in my mind as well as on my camera.

I am here taking photos, but not editing them or uploading them or sharing them online.  I'm here in the moment, taking a few and then stopping to roll in the grass (or really, be tackled) by little boys and watching little girls watching the leaves dancing in the breeze.

Here is having your two year old out of bed for the 12 millionth time and trying not to laugh when you discover he's painted his fingers and toes with nail polish and still managed NOT to spill it anywhere.  I didn't succeed in the not laughing part.

Here in this moment, is right where I want to be.

This is a post prompt from The Gypsy Mama. Join in?


  1. Krista, I came here from Lisa-Jo's. But when I saw your name & photo, I recognized you as a commentor on Metropolitan Mama. :)
    I was very similarly inspired by "here". I love it! And, one bit I forgot during my 5 minute writing was that yesterday my 3 year old girl painted her own nails, too. So funny! I was also amazed that she didn't spill any. Incredible really. :)

  2. It's only moments before all the chaos an fun is gone, so keep snatching the time when you can... You'll never regret it!

  3. thanks for your kind comment on my 5 minute post.

    great description of your present time - enjoy!

    my recent post: here


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