Friday, November 07, 2008

19 Months! (and a week)

Last week I realized that someone had asked me how old Cory was and I automatically reacted with "18 months". When I thought about it later I went, oops, not true anymore!

So here, in all his glory, is my 19 month old son!

Trying out Mommy's shoes...

What is wrong with this picture?

Cory loves Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Kevin's dogs. They're pretty good with him too!

Trying really hard to get to Mommy's chocolate cake!
He literally stole the fork, "fortch" right out of my hand! And yes, he got plenty.
(Spoon is "foom")

Cory loves to turn his night light "on" and see the moon and stars that are cut into the cover. So far he's been pretty good about it, but to be on the safe side Brian pointed out the outlet below it and told him it was "dangerous" and would make and "owie". So now Cory will walk around pointing at all the outlets (he knows where they are, but most of them he can't get to as they're behind furniture) and say "dain-dain, ow!"

He repeats any and all words, even when we aren't talking to him. He'll usually repeat the last word of any sentence.

He's made my life more difficult lately because whenever I change his diaper he wants to grab his feet and make them clap! It's pretty cute, but a little hard to put on a new diaper!

I also think he's going to be right handed and/or ambidextrous like me. He LOVES pens and routinely will put them in his right hand. He even has the correct grip, not a fist grip, which is interesting. The only problem with that is with his crayons he holds them so close to the end that he can't color because his other fingers hit the page before the crayon does!

And of course, his favorite part of the whole month was going on the "airpane"! We live in the flight path for our local airport and even though it's probably 5-10 miles away we hear them pretty well. Cory will hear them from inside the house and let me know that there's one flying over!


  1. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Looks like he loves Mommy's and Daddy's shoes as much as The Bean does.

  2. 19months! He'll big two years so soon! :)


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