Saturday, November 22, 2008

Girls Night Out!

Yeah, that's where I've been tonight! So, no deep thoughts or pictures for you today...

We had fun though! It was a "craft" night at church and we all had different crafts. I sat next to a girl who had never done any scrapbooking and got to help her out on a little book she was making for her kids grandparents. Other ladies were sewing (various forms), doing more scrapbooking, making hair bows, painting... tons of fun!

Then we watched the sappiest Christmas movie ever! The Christmas Card, a Hallmark special. But I guess it was okay since we had just as much fun making fun of the movie as we did watching it!

Tomorrow is a big open house/holiday bazaar that I'm joining with my Discovery Toys. I don't really have high expectations since I really didn't do well at these last year. But hopefully I'll sell a few things and that will help me buy more Christmas presents and such!

Oh, and lastly, my friend Rolana stopped by this morning with her three kiddos. They don't live in the area so it was good to see them. It was fun, but I think Cory was a bit overwhelmed to have all these big kids in the house playing with his toys! He's not used to so many kids here!

Happy weekend everyone! (Can you believe only one week until December??? Yikes!)

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