Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bits of This 'n That

I just renewed my driver's license online. Yeah, it's my birthday soon. I'll be 29 (literally :) It used to be that my license came up for renewal on those years that were multiples of 4. Funny how getting married and getting a new license on an odd year can change all that...
But I'm quite happy that this time I don't have to take my wiggly toddler down to the DOL and wait for hours to get a new picture! Our pictures can last through two license cycles! I'm also quite happy that I had a good picture last time so I don't feel the need to get a new one (with baby weight still included).


This past Sunday was a lazy day for us.

When Cory finally got up (from a 4 hour nap!) we were just hanging out and talking in the kitchen. He came around the end of the couch and was wobbling everywhere...

The reason being that he has figured out how to spin around in circles and make himself dizzy. He thought it was hilarious!

And incidentally so did we!


Cory pretty much knows who all the Winnie the Pooh characters are. But they each have their own name...

Pooh Bear is Poo Poo (not to be confused with Poop)

Eeyore is Oh-ee

Tigger is Ta-ya

Piglet is Pay-ya

As you can see he's starting to get the hang of multiple syllable words. But if he can't figure out how to say it he either repeats the first syllable or kind of makes up the ending!

He's also started naming people a LOT. He'll point to me and say "mama" and to Brian and say "day-ee" and then we point to him and ask him who he is... he thinks about it for a bit and then he says "cor-EE"! Yay!

One of his favorite things to do is build towers with the blocks and cups that we have. Well, I build the tower with a little help from him. Then he says "uh oh" and knocks it all down. Notice that the "uh oh" preceeds the knocking down... he knows exactly what he's doing!


In other news... we have a new little friend at our house! No, no new babies (or pets), but I am watching a little boy from the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays. His mom is a trainer, but is teaching classes at another place and needs child care. It actually happens to be right around the corner from us so that worked out well for her. I forgot to ask what her stance is on the blog, either talking or pictures, so for now he'll just be Little Buddy (LB for short!). He's 9 months old and getting around quite well! We'll see how much my house is still baby-proofed...

Now that you got your Cory update... thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


  1. I never remember the on-line renewal. I had to renew my license last year (at 29!), and brought the two girls with me. #2 was just crawling, and I had to set her down on the filthy, nasty floor while my picture was taken. I was so grossed out! Fortunately, there was no line, so we weren't there for very long.

  2. That's cute Cory knows who he is! :) What a neat transformation to see.


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