Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tech Support

Dragging the bottom of the barrel here for NaBloPoMo topics...

I was saved last night by my book review. Tonight I had planned to give you another installment of our Yellowstone trip from this summer (holy cow, that was 3 months ago already!), but instead I think I'm going to bed!

See I went to get my hair cut today and left Cory with my dad. They just got a new computer so after I got back I sat down to download some stuff for them (like AVG protection and Firefox). Cory got up from his nap and I was getting ready to go when I realized that their email would receive mail, but not send. Joy.

I had followed the directions from the online support, but it wasn't working. So I got on chat and the guy's solution was to remotely take over my computer so he could try to figure out what was wrong. Seriously, the guy didn't have a clue what he was doing. It took him over 45 minutes and in the end the only problem was that one little box was checked that said the server needed to be authenticated when getting mail when it really didn't.

And the guy looked at that pop up window with those option no less than 20 times and still didn't get it. Seriously! I probably could have figured it out myself just checking and unchecking boxes in half the time it took him to do that!

Anyways, it was rather weird watching the mouse move around and stuff happen when I wasn't touching the computer!

And... I feel like I'm really not a tech person when I'm having to ask my friends Amy, Jason, and Bonnie a million questions just to try to forward my blog through Blogger! Ay yi yi! I'll be glad when this is all behind me!

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