Thursday, November 18, 2010

8 Months!

This is my baby...

He's got so much personality now I hardly can call him that!

He is such a people person, first and foremost a Mama's boy, but he loves to be around people.  Example: I went scrapbooking a couple weekends ago and had him on my back in the Ergo for part of the time.  A friend of mine was two rooms away, but he had a direct line of sight through doorways.  He was shrieking on my back and I couldn't figure out why... until she looked up and smiled at him.  Then she went back to work and he started shrieking again.  He just wanted her attention!
He did it again this morning at Bible study when he could see Miss Becky out the door (also one of Cory's favorite people at church).

But really, he just wants to be where I am all.the.time.  Preferably with me holding him.  I gave him to my friend at scrapbooking so I could go to the bathroom and he freaked out.  He will also even try to dive out of Brian's arms if I walk by although he is relatively okay being held by Brian.  But if I put him down and walk out of his sight, oh dear, the world has ended.  It makes getting things done around the house rather difficult.

He is rather fun to play with though.  He loves to play peek-a-boo and if he can move to where he can find you he will.  He does this shriek on the inhale that I don't think I've heard any other kids do.  And only when he's super excited.  It's very fun!

Sometimes I just sit on the floor and try to do a few things while he crawls around on me.  Although he's taken to biting me (thankfully not usually while nursing) and he bites hard.  He also likes to bang his mouth/head onto you for unknown reasons.  Future rock concert goer?

And if he's not too upset about something, but wants me he has started to say "mama".  Yay!

We have no new teeth this month (I think 8 is good for now!) although some eye teeth might be trying to come in, which would explain the biting probably.  I can NOT find the teething toy that Cory loved so we stole the one from our friends in Oregon while we were at their house last weekend.  If I can't find ours soon (I know it's in this house, I washed it and then it disappeared) I will have to order a new one. 

We have finally convinced him that eating is okay although I think he has an issue with textures.  He will eat only pureed baby food.  I even tried mixing a little baby cereal in and he totally refused it.  So much for making my own... although he will feed himself Cheerios.
For awhile he would only eat if he could grab the spoon and put it in his mouth himself, but he was so distracted while eating at Grandma and Grandpa's this weekend that I fed him without him grabbing the spoon.  It makes it much easier for me!  And then I let him chew on the spoon sometimes since that seems to be part of the reason he wants to grab it.

We have a total mover on our hands.  He can pull up on anything, even a wall with nothing to grab onto.  He walks along furniture pretty well and stands with one hand.  He's even started catching himself a bit when he falls and if he can't grab the furniture has sort of learned to bend so he doesn't do a face plant.  Now as soon as he gets the balance down we'll have a walker I'm sure.  No uncertainties with this kid!

I managed to get good pictures this month by banning Cory to his room... poor kid!  Then he wanted his picture taken with animals too.

Oh, and I almost forgot (I'm not sure how) we moved Noah in with Cory last night... the going to bed part was fine, but the getting up at 6am part was not fine.  Noah woke Cory up when he wanted to eat and even though it was still dark out they were not going back to sleep.  We had some tired boys today.  Even with that nap time was a battle and going to bed tonight took quite awhile too... 
But the biggest thing for me is the mornings and if this keeps up I may have to put the pack 'n play in the other room just for after the morning feeding so we all can get a bit more sleep!

We are moving and shaking around here!

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  1. It's fun to see Cory in that same seat too. I think your two boys definitely look alike. Same smile. :)


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