Monday, November 08, 2010

Boy Quotes #6

Having a bath the other night Cory said he wanted to "design and fly airplanes when I grow up".  I told him he could be an aeronautical engineer.  He thought that was a good idea (sweet!).

Then he told me he wanted to take care of people when he grew up.  I asked "like a doctor or a nurse?" 
"No, like a daddy".  Awwww!
Then I asked him who would come to his house and make the food and he said "the Mommy" and I said I wasn't going to come to his house and make his food so he would have to learn to cook!  He said he'd wait until he was older to learn!


We were driving and I told Brian I need to take my car in because it's growling when I turn right.  Cory then asked, "Is there a bear around here somewhere?"


On seeing my little wooden foot roller under the desk Cory wanted to know what it was for.  I said it's so Mommy can roll her feet on it when they get sore.  Cory then asked, "So is this full of sore?"

It appears my son is in the take-everything-literally-stage!


Calling a friend on speaker phone and having to leave a message: At the end I hung up and Cory says "Press one for more options".  Think he's heard that a few times?

I can hear my son singing in the other room... "Shoo fly don't bother me, Shoo fly don't bother Daddy" in his little sing song voice and it makes me smile.

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  1. We're in the literal stage as well which is both challenging and hilarious at the same time! =D

    Cute stuff here!


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