Friday, November 12, 2010

PSF: Running at Awana

This year we signed Cory up for a Wednesday night Awana program (Wikipedia description). He's in the Cubbies group and so far... he LOVES it!  I was in Awana as a kid, starting with the Sparkies group (for kinders and up) and have such great memories of it I wanted him to like it too!

It helps that Brian is a games helper and the leader for the Cubbies game time...

He makes up games like "bucket head" which basically is run around the circle with a bucket on your head... perfect for 3 and 4 year olds!

The leader stepped right in front of me as Cory was running, sad, but the face is too cute!

The best picture of the night goes to one of my friends cute kiddos!  Really, you have to click on the picture and see it bigger!

Then there is the "team run" or better known as crack the whip!  No one crashed and burned tonight!

It is seriously amazing how easily Cory can remember verses with very simple prompts.  I'm so glad we're doing this, now for Mom to get on the wagon and start memorizing again too!

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  1. They look so cute! I hope you can also tell us how this game works.
    Mom all around the world need ideas for their toddlers.


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