Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I LOVE snow.  I adore it.  I run out and try to catch the flakes on my tongue love it.  I love how it makes everything so quiet!  (as if I can hear the quiet with 2 boys making noise, but I know it's there, especially late at night)
Frozen dried bloom

It's snowing now, as I type.  It snowed a bit on Friday and then melted a bit and got kind of crusty by Saturday.  This morning it had snowed a bit more, but this afternoon it started in earnest.  I went out at 4pm in the fading light to catch some of the normal things around covered in snow.

Still trying to share beauty

I also shoveled the driveway as it had accumulated an inch or so, super fine light powder (oh to wish I could be skiing in it!).  I was outside a total of about 20 minutes in thin cotton gloves and then I had to go in because the tips of my fingers were bone achingly cold.  When I checked the temperature online it said it was 18 degrees out with a wind chill making it feel like 11.  I believe it!

Waiting for spring and little boys to play

I love the snow, but I'm not a huge fan of the super cold!  Every time I walk up near a window in our house I can feel the temperature drop.  Our poor old all-the-seals-are-broken windows that we hope to replace next summer.  I keep turning up the thermostats because it doesn't feel like it's staying warm in the house!  I guess I'm glad I'm finally getting curtains hung and made (especially in the boys room) as that adds a small layer of insulation!

I'm glad that in the morning there will be enough snow for Cory to actually play in... but I'm not sure we'll be going out to play.  The forecast high high! for tomorrow is 13 degrees.  Brrrr!

What's the weather like where you are this week?

PS.  There's a whole lot more now than when I took these pictures!


  1. YAY! HURRAY! I woke up this morning to our oldest saying "snow will melt" and I BOLTED out of bed, dressed everyone in their snow gear and went out to play! Now we're warming up with breakfast and hot chocolate (for the boys.) I LOVE snow and snow days!

  2. oh, I too love "sleepy snow". It's quite lovely.

  3. It's 47 degrees & clear here in Arizona.

    We keep debating our RV route through the winter months...head up north (CA, OR, WA)...or head for the gulf coast (TX, LA, GA, FL)? Hmmm...



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