Friday, November 19, 2010

PSF: Oregon

This past weekend Brian had four days off for Veteran's Day (thanks Dad!) so we went on down to Oregon to visit his Grandparents. It was a bittersweet trip for lots of reasons.

Giants in the fog

This will be the last time we visit Grandma in her house, she's moving to Portland after Thanksgiving.  She needs to, but she doesn't want to leave her house.  It's hard for me to fathom being that tied to one house.  Then again this is the girl who went back to visit her "old" house in Oregon this summer after not having lived there for 18 years...  I hope she likes her new place, smaller and easier for her to care for and having good food prepared for her.

Marching across the land

We did get to stay with our lovely friends in Portland and of course stayed up too late once again catching up.  We're losing our "crash" room to their new baby so I guess we've got to take advantage of it while we can... (jk, love you guys! ;)

Every trip there are more across the landscape

Then we went on down to Grandma and Grandpa's place.  Everyone warned us to not stay long as they don't have much energy anymore.  But I think they're about on the same level as small boys so it works out pretty well for us!  We don't get up early, need naps in the afternoon, and don't stay out late either!

We were so glad to get to go and spend this time with them.  We didn't know if Grandma would make it this long even.  She's pretty weak and the pain meds she's on make her dizzy and sleepy at times.  But she's still Grandma.  I need to remember to write to her as she can't talk anymore.  Afterwards I realized that I felt like she was left out because she couldn't join in the conversation real well.  You don't realize that when someone isn't responding to you you eventually focus your energy on the people that talk back to you.  Not that we didn't intentionally talk to her, but that's just kind of what happens.  In some ways there's not a whole lot to say when you're watching small boys play either.

I'm really glad she had a chance to see Noah again as he has so much more personality now than he did even a few months ago.

I'll miss seeing this church

We also got to visit with my college pastor (who married us) and just talk.  I wish we lived closer!  We have had such a hard time finding a community group as a couple here.  Brian has a guys group (who I knew from high school mostly - weird!) and I have my Mom's group, but we've struck out more than once on a couple's group/life group.  Our church doesn't seem to do that very well even though they claim to try.

Grandpa wanted a picture of Noah playing with his watch to match 
the 2 other Great Grandkids doing the same thing!

Brian went and picked up his cousin Vicki from college for the afternoon so they got to hang out.  They went looking for cousin Becca too, but didn't know where she lived on campus (different schools).  Aunt Priscilla showed up in the evening so even though we mainly went to see Grandma and Grandpa it was fun to see various other family members!  Sometimes I'm jealous that Brian has such a large family nearby.  Mine were always long car trips or plane rides away.   Yes, Mom, we've gotten better in the last few years, but it's just different!

I don't know that Cory and Noah will have much family, especially cousins, their age and that's sad too.  Ah well, I don't think I can control that!

Next week Brian's parents are coming for Thanksgiving so we will love all being together then and hopefully see the rest of the family at Christmas and Becca's wedding!

Now I'm glad to be home and really focusing on getting ready for Christmas!  Yay!  This year I hope I have time to enjoy it before it's gone!  Only 36 more days you know!

Bonus points for anyone who doesn't "know" us and can tell me how we got to Oregon and where we were along the way! =)


  1. Well, it sounds like your trip was fun, even if it was made for bittersweet reasons.

  2. I ADORE that last windmill shot! Beautiful!

  3. Anonymous11:44 PM

    I don't know how you got there or where you were along the way but I know . JK - I know that I am sad we didn't get to see you. I saw on fb you were going to be down this way and never did anything about it. I know you have tons of people to see when you are down this way, so I know you call when you have time. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! Love, Lynn


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