Monday, November 01, 2010

How to Tame Your Dragon

This was our week of Halloween... well, Halloween candy at least.  Starting with a "candy harvest" at Awana and coming home with a bag half full of leaves!

Saturday night we went to a church harvest party with some friends at their church.  This was the first official dress up night...

I honestly couldn't resist the dragon costume when I found it on sale at Old Navy for $10 last week...

However we've been having to tell Cory that he's taming his dragon, not fighting him as we did just watch How to Train Your Dragon last week!

The harvest party was more like a carnival of sorts and Cory was way more interested in simply talking to the people than actually playing the games and getting candy!

There was also a pint sized Darth Vader there and they had an epic battle.  Unfortunately it was outside in the dark so I didn't even try to take a picture.  When he ran off Brian told Cory to say "we will meet again" and Cory delivered it so well we were both laughing!

I love how Noah looks scared of his ferocious brother in this picture!

Sunday night our church had it's annual Light the Night, otherwise known as Trunk or Treat.  It was massively packed, but we had fun seeing lots of friends.

Once again my social boy was way more interested in talking to all the people at their cars and showing off his costume.  Mom held the bag to collect the candy which he didn't care about until there weren't people to talk to!  We did manage to come home with some candy, but not too much.  Which is probably a good thing considering that the Mom doesn't have as much self control when it comes to chocolate!


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