Sunday, March 20, 2011

Camping... in a House!

Saturday morning we headed out to Spokane for my Grandma's memorial and burial service.  We tried to bring the sunshine with us, but there were more and more clouds the closer we got.  It was a pretty nice drive even if our sons ate all our food and were asking for more...

There was a bit of rain, but the sun finally came out and the service was nice.  I even learned some things about my Grandmother that I didn't know from the history my mom read.  (Mom, I want a copy of that, please)

Afterwards we went over to my mom's cousin Linda's house to gather... which is actually the house my Grandmother grew up in.  Lot's of memories there.

Then we went to the house that we were going to stay in.  A house that belongs to one of Brian's college friend's aunt.  The house is furnished, but vacant and used when family and friends come to town.  It has a very old boiler/radiator heater system and runs off of oil so they keep it at around 55 degrees.  Sami was there and said they'd turned the heater up a bit for us, but when we got there at 8pm it was cold.  She came over to talk with us for awhile and we finally traipsed down to the basement to discover that the furnace was off at the breaker.

By this point it was after 10pm and by the time it would have heated anything we would be on our way out in the morning so we left it off.  Thankfully they had a good space heater for the boys room and we had an electric blanket.  But before we went to bed we had some hot chocolate and we could see our breath in the room...

The house has an amazing view out over downtown Spokane!  (and I was playing with my camera)

When we got up in the morning I think it was about 45 degrees in the house.  We tried to eat some breakfast we'd brought, but eventually just packed up and left!  Brunch at Starbucks in Fred Meyer never tasted so good and warm!
Next time we stay there I hope it's warmer weather outside...

And after less than 24 hours there we were headed home.  I think I'm done with traveling for awhile!


  1. I just loooooove that Western sky! I used to road trip a bit from Idaho (where I lived at the time) to visit my friends in OR and the sky always took my breath away. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

  2. I can't even imagine having to sleep in a home that cold! Brrrr!

    It does have a beautiful view though!


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