Friday, March 04, 2011

Encouraging Each Other

Last Friday I wrote a little bit about how you could help your child (or yourself) take better photos.  Then in the next few days I saw no less than 3 more posts about taking better photos.  It must have been World Photography Week or something!  Anyway, the one that captured the heart of the message (and so much better than I) was from Sarah at Short Stop where she writes about it being the memories that are important. 

It's so true!  As I was scrapbooking last weekend (from 2003, yes, I am way behind) most of my pictures were not so great.  A little grainy, a lot far away.  I was still using film and my camera was second hand and had light leaks.  But honestly?  The memories I have captured more than make up for the quality!  So go, take more pictures already!

Besides, that picture I took of my son yesterday?  I forgot to turn my ISO back down and it's grainy.  I see it now, but in 15 years when he's heading off to college I won't care.  All I will see is the first day we sat down to start school and now he's off to college.

So I guess what I'm trying to do is encourage you!   It's okay if every picture you take isn't wonderful.  What's most important is, it's yours!


I've been thinking about encouragement a lot lately.  What I need.  How we can help each other. 

I really want to reach out to people when I can.  Sometimes I see a need or something I can do to help, other times I'm not as aware.

I know I need encouragement myself.  There are particular friends and bloggers that will say things, not knowing what I'm going through, and because they can relate, even that is simple encouragement.  

I think so often we think that we have to be perfect, to get everything done and have everything look right all the time in case someone is watching.  When really everyone else is trying to do the same thing and not watching us at all!  If we could instead just be real with each other, allow that we are having a hard time, perhaps we could be encouraged when the other person says, "yeah, me too", and know that we are not alone, in fact it's just part of life.

For me right now, I need to know that I'm only human.  I can't do everything and it's okay if my house is a mess or I don't get my homework done or all I did today was hang out in my pjs, but my kids are fed and the house hasn't burned down!  Some days this is reality with two small children (and many of you have more than two!).  Some days it's better than that, but I still don't feel like I have it all together.

So, what about you?  Where could you use some encouragement today?


  1. I recently discovered that I was constantly cleaning just in case company came over....Didnt want anyone judging me on my bad housekeeping skills right....and then I figured out, Hey its my house! I dont have to impress anyone on how we live, and we usually dont have any company!

  2. I understand what you are saying, even though I am trying to be transparent in my blog, when people actually ask me how I am doing I usually say okay. Mostly because any other answer requires more explaination, and often I just don't want to give more. I know for me right now I need encouragement on a daily basis. Just to know that poeple care, because sometime I feel so alone.

  3. Hi Krista. Sorry that you are feeling down. Don't beat yourself too much. As long as you are doing your job bringing up your two small children the right way, the clean kitchen and house would just have to take a back seat!

    Cheer up, mommy. Hoping you mood pick up soon. I am always free for a 'rant' chat, anytime. Just buzz.


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