Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Next Day

Today the sun was out and I couldn't resist stopping to take these pictures.  The boys were already buckled in the car, but I had to run back for the camera!

I actually think they might have been in bloom before, but it was so overcast yesterday their buds were closed up tight.

Today made me feel like spring!

And it's Noah's birthday so look for birthday boy posts later today and tomorrow!


  1. Oh, these are beautiful! Both flowers and pictures.

    The HR department gave me a bunch of daffodils this morning. You can imagine how I'm feeling.

  2. Beautiful! Usually I love the onset of winter but this year I'm all about the onset of SPRING! =)

  3. Those are beautiful. I love that my camera makes me stop and notice the little things I might normally have passed by.


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