Monday, March 28, 2011


Today I am the mother of a four year old.  Really, how did this happen?  Although it's hard to remember him as the little boy (he's almost 4 feet tall) he once was, I still think he should be little.  Instead we can hold conversations about any number of things.  And most of the time they make a whole lot of sense!

Some days he wants me to take his picture, other days he runs from the camera...
This was a requested picture day

Cory really is a sweetheart.  He cares about other people and everyone tells me he's a very well behaved kid.  You know it's always Mom and Dad who get to see the not so nice side and think that he's a handful.  But some of it must be getting through!  He really is very good to Noah too and will do things for him that need being done when I ask him to help me out.

Yes, we wear our pajamas most of the day unless we have to get dressed

Cory is becoming more of a picky eater, like his mother.  It's a challenge to get him to eat sometimes, but I don't think he'll starve, weighing in at about 48 pounds! 

He's very particular in other areas of life too and sometimes we call him Mr. Particular.  Since November he's wanted a Thomas cake... and then about 6 weeks ago he decided he wanted a Nemo cake after seeing them in the grocery store.  I had just thrown out a McDonald's Nemo toy that would have made a perfect cake topper.  However, I'm glad I didn't buy one off eBay because 3 weeks ago he started telling me he wanted a cake with flowers on it.  When I asked him why he'd changed his mind he said, "Because I'm Spectacular!" misquoting us! 

I think the set of four new airplanes and a helicopter was a hit!  
Thanks to Daren and Leana and kids!

We were very glad that Grandma and Grandpa could come up and help celebrate birthdays with us.  Cory loves his all grandparents and the feelings are mutual!  He is so blessed and doesn't even know it!

I'm intending to start a little pre-school with him.  I bought some beginning Rod and Staff books and I hope they will be good.  We already know the alphabet by sight and most sounds, colors, shapes (for quite awhile on these last two), and number concepts.  Although we usually skip 10 when counting! 

Cory can write his name and type it on the computer as well as Noah's.  He loves to send emails to Grandma and Auntie Allison.  So the two things I think we need to start working on more are writing and then reading skills.

The birthday boy finally decided on a cake "with flowers" all over it.  
This was the best Mama's cake decorating skills could provide.

Happy Birthday my son.  May there be many more.  You are a blessing to us!


  1. That's an AWESOME cake! Looks like he is enjoying turning and being 4. (And i'm all for pj's through the day unless there is a good reason to get dressed. ;)


  2. Allison9:13 PM

    Krista, CUTE cake! Very impressive. And I think you definitely need to teach him typing/email skills ASAP. :)

  3. Congratulations! I love a boy who loves flowers. When we lived in Hawaii I was very considered that the flip flops (they are called slippers...pronounced slippahs there) had flowers on them. The neighbor told me that flowers are considered "manly" in Hawaii. I had my second son while we lived there on 3/21/07. Very close in age!


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