Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A Mess

So I'm thinking that I probably should have said "no" to this photography workshop weekend way back when it was offered.  Not that I didn't learn a lot, but it put so many people out to take care of me and my kids that I probably should have waited until I could have gone on my own.

I'm still thinking about all I learned, but my brain is a bit fuzzy... because I'm hopped up on codeine and antibiotics at the moment.  Yes, I have strep throat, and the doctor actually said "wow" when she looked at my throat this morning.  Not usually a good sign.  But I'm just so glad to have a diagnosis that requires meds.  I think I would have cried if they'd just said it was a virus and needed to run it's course.

My poor Noah developed a rash while we were sitting in the waiting room and after looking at his slightly red ears they decided to put him on preventative antibiotics too.  Now Cory is coughing pretty hard and I'm hoping we won't have to make a third trip in tomorrow.  I took Noah in on Friday because he had a fever and we were leaving town, but the doctor didn't think it was anything to worry about.

So, my poor husband has been in school a sum total of a day and a half in the last week.  He was sick Wed-Fri last week and I don't know if we'd shared it with him or he then shared that with us.  Good times.

Anyway, my dad helped us out by going to help watch the boys.  I wouldn't have made it home yesterday without him to help drive.

Sadly there were some lovely crocuses in front of my in-laws house and I felt so lousy that I didn't even take a picture of them.  Even with all I learned.  I haven't taken a single picture in the last week, no Wordless Wednesday this week.

But probably the worst thing... when I got back from the class on Sunday night my dad told me that one of my brother's good friends had been killed in an avalanche while backcountry skiing.  They were friends since high school at least and in a small town like ours you know everyone.  So while I hadn't seen him in awhile it's still hard to think.  All the deaths we've dealt with in the last year were older people, not easy, but you know it's going to happen eventually.  This guy, younger than me.  (And yes, he was one of the most experienced outdoors men you could know)  At least you can say he died doing what he loved.

Please excuse the rambling and any grammatical mistakes... I'm off to bed.  Tell me what's going on with you?


  1. Oh wow.Well, you've been through it, haven't you?! And POOR Noah! Developing the rash IN THE WAITING ROOM! On the flipside, that's also convenient for medicine sake!

    I'm sorry the weekend didn't go as well as you might have liked. (Dare I say thank you for not coming to see me?! ;) I mean that in the best way, YOU know!)

    As for what's up here. Just sitting. Waiting. =) YOU know that too!

    Will pray for health for your family.

  2. Hi there!
    Been thinking of you... and that some day we will have our tea :) I'll be praying for you and your little ones. We've just had sniffles around here... so far.

    We were so sad to hear about Z, too!

  3. Poor mommy! Take a nap. Your readers will stick around till you feel better!

  4. What a crazy week, Krista! I remember feeling the same way after BlogHer 2008. It was so hard to be away...and my heart ached.

    (I haven't been to another conference since...).


  5. P.S. Get well soon!



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