Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Noah's 2nd 1st Birthday Party!

On Saturday we had a proper 1st birthday party for Noah.  I'm glad that we did even if it took my husband planning it to make it happen!
I apologize in advance for the number of pictures in this post... sorry if it took too long to load!

Cory and the balloons

We had a dozen balloons from the Dollar Store.  
Perfect easy decorations!

When Mommy and Noah got there one was tied on each chair.
He was De-Lighted!

Noah loves balloons - part 1

Noah loves balloons - part 2

Noah is more interested in his balloon than his cake!
At least we had no flame incidents this time...

Noah wanted the stem of the shamrock 
(who knew you could get neon green twizzlers?)

Noah was not so sure about the cake

Until he discovered it was way fun to play in!

It was hard to eat until Nana helped him.  
Then he was all about eating it!

Can't get enough!

Good to the last lick!
(we have pictures of Cory just like this from his 1st birthday!)

Time for presents!

A cool puzzle from Mark, Alex, and Carter
(a birthday party is not complete without all the guests crowding 'round!)

Who cares about the paper, what's inside?

Whoa!  My very own magnetic write on book!

Saving the "best" for last...

Makin' sure Daddy gets it out right

My very first ride-on toy!
And it makes noise!!! (just for Mom)

The legs aren't quite long enough to go - except backwards!

Brother makes a great pusher!

And here is a top view of the cake.  Many thanks to Grandma for making the cakes and helping put it all together!

We ended up with a half a dozen balloons hanging around the living room at home and Noah is in heaven! 

Happy Birthday Noah!


  1. Balloons? Thomas? And a ride-on toy!? Well, my boys would be entirely satisfied. ;D Sounds (and looks!) like FUN!

    Love the cake too, btw!

  2. Getting balloons from the dollar store is a great idea! I'll have to file that away for future reference.

    Also - what did you think of those neon green twizzlers? Were they apple flavored? (Were they good?)



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