Friday, April 11, 2008

SBP3 - Cory's second 1st birthday party!

Dahlia and Akiva made this snazzy cake in a giant Pyrex measuring bowl so Cory could have a birthday while we were there (we flew on his 1st birthday). We finally got around to frosting it and having it for dessert on Tuesday. (after we recovered from our hike)

Here's Dahlia's masterpiece!

It's the mountain we climbed the day before... complete with us on top!

Cory's more interested in the frosting than the candle...

Uh, oh, here we go again, Dad!
Here, let me wipe it on you!

Oh yeah, I remember now, it's yummy!

Yay for frosting, Mommy!

Gotta get it all in!

The cake part is good, too, I suppose.

Can't miss a bit!

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