Friday, April 11, 2008

Contest Edition

I promise to try to have the next installment of our trip up tonight! In the meantime here are some cool contests going on where you can win stuff...

This post will be updated all day while I'm adding contests.


Remember the free chicken I won and then couldn't use? Well, this time I could actually use it since it's for frozen chicken that I know my stores carry! Head on over to Momsational to win... and did I mention that a toaster oven is part of the deal? :) We could use a new one since ours was bought at a garage sale (used!) before I went to college!


The Opinionated Parent is giving away a maternity gown for the hospital. Since I do eventually plan to have at least one more child this would be super nice! The gowns are homemade by Kimberly Budd and called Girlie Gowns. My favorite is the bubbly blue print.


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  1. I wore a cotton miniskirt and tanktop. It was so comfy and less airy in the back!!


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