Wednesday, April 16, 2008

SBP5 - Red Lake and the Joshua Trees

Read about Parts One, Two, Three, and Four if you missed them!

Thursday and Friday were mostly down days, doing a bit of laundry before we headed home. Friday the guys went out looking for a geocache (see my intro here), came back, and then decided to go up to Red Lake in the evening to light off some of Brian's pyrotechnics. Of course it's better at night! And then also to look at the stars. They had some fun with the camera on a tripod, long exposure, and a flashlight...
This is Brian

Macaiah and David

Saturday afternoon they convinced me to leave Cory with Dahlia and come see it. I wanted to see the Joshua trees, too. Pretty amazing!

You don't usually climb cactus trees... unless you're David Dyer!
Little boys will play in the dirt...

They are really tree like except the inside is more straw like than a regular tree. You can see in the background that there was a whole "forest" of them.
These are the nasty cholla (pronounced choy-ah) cactus that we were trying to avoid on our crazy hike. They are about waist high.
Oh yeah, did I mention that it was free range area? There were cattle guards everywhere, but I think we were on the wrong side of one here.
This is Red Lake - not too far from the Joshua trees. It's basically a dry lake bed, and it's red, hence the name. It covers about 25 square miles I believe.
So we just drove out on it. That's Macaiah on his bicycle... and he wasn't even that far away from me so you can see how big it really is.Fun with shadows

Boys being boys... tied a metal round sled to the bumper of the car. Macaiah got the best ride because Brian was too heavy entirely and David was just heavy enough to get some good friction going and his bottom got rather hot!
So the "men" had to come up with their own idea of fun.Crazies!

We got back at dark and then had to pack to come home. Our plane left Vegas at 9am so we had to leave the house by 5 to get to the airport on time. Fun times! Oh, and the getting home part was another adventure... to be continued!


  1. What great pictures!

    I don't know if you got my email, but you won a book on 5M4M--the Woman Who is Always Tan and has a Flat Stomach.

    Please send me your name and address to this email address. Thanks.

  2. Climbing a cactus tree... wow... no I wouldn't think that is something you usually do ;-) looks fun anyway :-)
    I like the photos and photo play with long exposures and a flashlight.
    Guess I will have to come back and read the other parts too :-)
    Looks like you had fun :-) great story. Thank you for sharing


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