Monday, April 21, 2008

SBP6 - The Long Road Home

Here are Parts One, Two, Three, Four, and Five if you missed them!

And finally, we start our journey home... I'm not kidding, it's a journey, all 19 hours of it!

We got up about 4:15. I was hoping Cory would sleep until just before we left, no such luck. We left the house a little late, about 5:15, but still managed to make it to the airport in Las Vegas in plenty of time. Along the way we saw a nasty wreck on the opposite side of the freeway and a helicopter circling for landing. I hope the people were okay.

Not that we needed to worry about missing our flight because... our 9:10 flight didn't leave until after 10:30. I forgot to check my watch, but I think that was about the right time. There was no problem in Vegas, but there was so much fog in San Francisco that we couldn't have landed. Thankfully they didn't have us boarded yet so we were just hangin' out in the terminal. Much appreciated.

And it wasn't a big deal that we were late because we had a 3 hour layover in San Francisco. But then when it came time to board there... no plane. I don't know where our plane was coming from, but it landed after we were supposed to have left so by the time they did the turn around of people and we got going it was another hour later. Which of course means it was after 5pm getting into Seattle instead of 4. The most interesting parts of these flights though was that we had a thoroughly flaming flight crew. I suppose part of it could be that both went through San Francisco, or that we were flying on Virgin America. Whatever though it was just a little... odd. I'm not used to seeing that many guys with super feminine gestures!

Getting the luggage was pretty painless, hooray, and Tim and Wendy were already there to meet us. We headed out to find some dinner and discovered that it was hailing. Which meant that it was probably snowing on the passes again. Joy of all joys. After one Pho place was closed and we couldn't find the other we started looking for a place to possibly get new tires... no luck on Sunday night at 6:30pm. Oh well. We did find a funky Americana diner that had pretty good food. Tim enjoyed feeding Cory and Brian fell asleep at the table.

By the time we got back to their house and got our car and left it was 8:15. We had a 3 hour drive to go. It was of course snowing going up Snoqualmie pass, but I was so tired I only woke up once when we were going slow following some other cars. I don't think there was too much of a problem. We got to Cle Elum and Brian had to pull off for a nap. Unfortunately Cory woke him up after 15 minutes. So half an hour farther on we stopped again and this time he got a 45 minute nap. After that I was trying really really hard to stay awake to keep him awake, but not having much success. I was dozing off and then would wake up and say something totally random... like:

What's that glow over there? Oh, nevermind, it's just a tree


Wrap that up with a really big bow


That's not fair! (Brian says, what?) That's not fair making her move when she's giving birth. (Who?) That cow!

Needless to say I think the laughs he got from my randomness helped him stay awake! We pulled in at a few minutes after midnight and the poor guy had to work the next morning!

'Twas a good trip though! So far, no word on the pregnant lady having her baby!

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  1. That last part about your randomness really made me laugh! I have some similar stories...."the electronic vest" comment will live on as one of the "moments." Thanks for the chuckle!


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