Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Nightmare Day

Literally and figuratively, unfortunately.

It started even before I woke up with this crazy dream...

Where first I was in a tent with some caged animals and I was running from some bad people. And then one of the bad guys caught me and poured acid on the back of my neck and my wrists. Somehow I managed to get away and was hosing myself off outside this lady's house when some boys started shooting at me with blow guns and darts dipped in acid. I go in the lady's house to try to hide and she refuses to call the police. Also it seems that there is nowhere in her house that is not visible from the windows. Eventually the boys get inside and when I ask how she says, through Macy's. 'Cuz you know her house was connected to the mall and the doors were open. Weirdness! And actually one of the freakier dreams I've had in awhile.

And then when I woke up and Brian brought Cory in to nurse, he promptly threw up in our bed. Poor little guy.
After stripping the bed and wiping the baby down we weren't going back to bed. I eventually tried to nurse him and put him back to bed. I went to sleep on the couch while Brian got ready for school. About 20 minutes after he left I hear Cory kind of doing his moan thing (it's normal) so I go in to get him and find that he had thrown up all over his bed. So it begins: bath, laundry, nap, rinse, repeat.
He didn't throw up too much more and I had hopes he was getting better, but he wouldn't eat anything all day. And then it started coming out the other end. Good thing he likes baths because he got three today. He also had a fever, but it seems to be responding to Tylenol. It's just so sad to see him not want to crawl around and play with his toys, but just roll a little bit to reach one or two.

So, you can see how I spent my day. Reading books and snuggling as well as doing lots of laundry. I did manage to switch out some of the photos in my header while Cory was sleeping though!

Then to top off my day I discovered this website: Z Recommends. Where they talk about all the baby products that are or aren't safe due to the bisphenol-A chemicals in plastics. The main thing you need to know is that any plastic container with the number 3, 6, or 7 inside that little recycling triangle means BAD NEWS! I found both my baby bottles, Cory's favorite sippy cup :( the sippy at my parents house, and one of Cory's favorite teething rings all had those. The saddest part though? My beloved Nalgenes are a number 7! How many years have I been drinking out of them?!!!
At this point the research shows more harm to young children due to the lack of an enzyme which removes the chemical from your body. Older people have more of this enzyme so it's not as big of an issue. However in small children it can possibly cause behavioral issues as well as early onset of puberty.
Good news is that Canada is probably going to ban this and hopefully the US will come down hard as well as companies bend to consumer pressure. Nalgene finally admitted (after many years of reassurances that it was safe) they are making a new line of bottles, due out this summer, that don't have this chemical in them. In the mean time, I discovered that the Gatorade bottles Brian brought home for Cory tonight are an okay type of plastic. I guess that's my new water bottle.


  1. I read your comment at An Island Life and wanted to let you know I totally agree with you. I hate it when book sequels always go back and explain what happened in the previous book. Publishers should just always give a prologue to fill readers in if they aren't going to go back to the beginning themselves.

  2. I looked at your header and thought,..those look new, but I have a tandancy to be unobservant and ask people about thier new hair cut a month later. glad to hear I am not crazy today. I found out about the bottel thing from a friend. when you think about the whole recycling circle its good in a way and in another way,...kind of gross. yes somtimes I look at my milk carton and think "what where you once? perhaps a plastic bag or maby a detergant bottle." recycling reincarnation. lol


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