Monday, April 07, 2008

Spring Break Part 1 - Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Well, not so much on the trains part, but the planes and automobiles... I think I've had enough of them for awhile!

We have survived our vacation and it was a good one! I have lots of things to share so I thought for the sake of my fingers (and your sanity) I would break up my telling into several posts.

First let me tell you about the going and the coming.

We left last Friday (March 28th) for Arizona. Our plane left Seattle at 12:10pm so we had to be on the road from here by 7am to meet my friend Wendy who would take us to the airport and house our car for us while we were gone. There was a threat of snow... but hey, we're used to snow... seriously I think Mother Nature is conspiring to make every trip to the airport harrowing for us with snow. (March 2006 as well) We made it slowly, but it was a little bit scary going up Blewett Pass and losing traction through some of the corners. We need new tires, but thought we would be fine this late in the year... next time we'll know better *shaking fist at the weather*

We made it to the airport just fine even though it was snowing in Seattle as well and I forgot exactly how to get to my friend's house so we took a short detour.

Our plane was on time and we even got to board early since we had a baby with us. Cory was a champ. He was a bit fussy on this first flight (to San Francisco), but eventually fell asleep without too much screaming. He hadn't slept at all on the way over so it was definitely nap time!

Behind us on the plane we had one weird dude. He was talking rather loudly so we could "over"hear him just fine! I may have to get more details from Brian later, but from what I can remember...
First it was a story about not feeling well and going to a doctor (not his regular doctor as he was out of town in souther California I think) and the doc coming out and saying, "well, we're running behind so we're going to try and speed things up. we're taking a lottery approach and don't expect us to have a lot of time for you". His name came up first and he thought that was a good thing... until the doc listened to his lungs and basically blew him off. When he got home and went to see his regular doctor it turned out he had pneumonia.
The next story was something to do with a mission trip he had been on (we think he was returning to the same place) in Mexico. I'm getting a little fuzzy on the details here, but suffice to say the overall impression he gave was one of being a really arrogant Christian. Ugh.

Layover in San Francisco. We met a nice family that was on both our flights with 2 small children and Cory made friends!

Second flight uneventful, especially as I remembered to grab Cory's snuggly blanket and he went to sleep easily. This flight was shorter and he was still asleep when we landed. Poor guy was worn out by this time!

Our lovely friend, Dahlia, met us at the airport in Las Vegas and we still had a 2 hour drive to go. We had to go to In 'n Out Burger for Brian where he ordered something not on the menu called Animal Style. Sounds yummy, no?

My little man got his first ride in his new car seat and we faced it forward so unfortunately all the car headlights were shining in his eyes and he had a hard time falling asleep until I held a blanket up.

We finally made it to Kingman, Arizona at 9:30ish pm.

Our return yesterday was almost as eventful, but I think that shall be a later post!

Oh, and anyone who knows Jason and Amber... they had their baby last week! While we were on vacation, but I finally got to talk to her this morning and they are doing well! Check here for updates and pictures!


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  1. Sounds like a pretty good trip so far despite the crazies. Look forward to more.

  2. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip... and see pictures! (I've been checking every day!) :)



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