Friday, April 18, 2008


Well, I am somewhat relieved to discover that my son's favorite sippy cup is actually NOT on the list of cups containing BPA like I feared last night. There was a little factory code on the bottom that said E3 and I thought that meant it was a #3 plastic. So don't be fooled! It must be in the recycling rectangle or else it's just some random number they have printed on there. Whew!
Here's the site specific to Nuby that has pictures of all the safe vs. unsafe cups and bottles. I also found a place to buy replacement nozzles (Good For the Kids) so I'm happy about that since Cory stuck his finger through the top and now it leaks everywhere.
To find out if other brands of cups/bottles and dishware is safe see The Safer Landing or Z Recommends. See if you can find a picture of your specific item because many of them are named similarly with one being safe and another not. That's what caused my confusion over Cory's cup.
This page at Z Recommends also has a great graphic to help you figure out which brands are good and which are not.

Speaking of Cory... he's still not feeling well. Today he spiked a pretty high fever, but thankfully one of my best friends is a nurse and one of Brian's good friends is a doctor so I have resources! He's been keeping down fluids and a little cracker and toast so I think we'll be okay. He's just so sad when he lays around and whimpers. :(

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  1. Thanks for the info. Just heard a report about that on NPR. I figured it was too late for me to worry about what I put into my body, but I'll definitely check it out for the kids.


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