Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stir Crazy

This morning we went to church. That's the second time I've been out of my house (well, other than to get the mail) in 11 days! Ay yi yi! Poor Cory caught something nasty and it took him about 6 days to get fully over it... but he shared it with me. It took me about 6 days to really feel good, ie, ready to eat something more than crackers again. It was the weirdest "flu" I've ever had. Stomach cramps that came and went. If I hadn't known I didn't have my gallbladder anymore I'd have said I was having more gallbladder attacks. Yuck. Brian stayed home from school on Monday to take care of us and then he caught it finally on Friday... except after sleeping for most of 12 hours he was fine. So not fair!

So then yesterday it was a gorgeous day and I finally got my house cleaned from top to bottom. Yay! Windows open (and washed), floors clean, bathroom and kitchen clean! Maybe now the ants will go away... although I'm not going to hold my breath because just this morning I found 4 of them crawling around in the bathroom. Do they think there's something good to eat in there? Ew!

Amongst all of this I had managed to go grocery shopping on Wednesday (although it wasn't a great idea - so sad that I had to ask some old ladies sitting at the Starbucks in Safeway to watch my cart and Cory so I could go to the bathroom!). Now I have all this food that I have to hurry up and make before it goes bad! And I had even planned ahead so I would have all the ingredients I needed for a weeks worth or more of dinners. So frustrating! I wish I had a bigger freezer and I would just make the dinners now and freeze them. That would be handy!

Anyways, here are a few pictures from awhile ago. Unfortunately the quality isn't that great because somehow the ISO on the camera got turned all the way up to 1600. Which is great for outdoor action shots, but horrid for indoor/flash shots. Bummer. But at least it's only that and not something wrong with the camera again, which was my first thought when I saw the quality!

Cory loves his snuggly blanket that Grandma got him... I was going to take it with us the other day and put it on top of the diaper bag. He crawled over, got it, and did this:

Little Linus Boy!

This is what he does when he goes to bed as well.
Showing Grandma how he can walk - the day after his first steps.
Playing Peek-a-boo with the new snuggly blanket I bought him with his birthday money.This is one of his new favorite games!

Now see, wasn't all that random rambling worth it for pictures of my adorable son? :)


BTW, check out this cool apron being offered by A Book Worm's Diary! It's all natural hemp! Since I don't currently own a decent apron this would be a fantastic prize!

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  1. My parents get ants in their bathroom as well. It is gross.

    btw, you won a book a loonnng time ago at the Friendly Book Nook. Email me your address if you want it!


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